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Lanthanide toxicity research highlighted by NPR's Marketplace, Berkeley Lab

Recent press coverage of work published by co-founder Rebecca Abergel, Ph.D. and coworkers highlights how much there is to discover about how heavy metals behave in the body

New research details toxicity mechanisms of the lanthanides

Findings published in PNAS provide new insight into underlying causes of lanthanide toxicity, including specific protein systems and cellular functions that may be disrupted

HOPO-Einsteinium complex published in Nature

Research from Rebecca Abergel’s group at Berkeley Lab expands list of elements HOPO will chelate, offers new insight into rare element

HOPO's chelator featured in Cancer Cytopathology

Co-Founder Rebecca Abergel, Ph.D. interviewed in Cancer Cytopathology for development of medical countermeasures for radioactive contamination

Prior Press Coverage of HOPO's Foundational Work

See earlier news related to the science and research that led to the founding of the company

HOPO Therapeutics, Inc. is established

Julian A. Rees, Ph.D., and Rebecca J. Abergel, Ph.D. appointed founding directors, and Julian A. Rees named President and Chief Executive Officer